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Non-meditated Infused oils, Organic Salves, Natural Bath Products, Jams & Ciders, Syrups & Gummies, Non-Alcoholic Tinctures and other herbal medicine.

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About the Herbalist, Mystikal Green Goddess

I’m Cheyenne 28, I have been doing research and taking notes since as soon as I can remember. I grew up with four older brothers and a younger sister, In California.  I was giving family notes my whole life.  When I was 23, I suffered a stroke that almost killed me. The depo shot is a modern day birth control that risked my life. I had a blood colt that form in my arm, went through a hole in her heart into my brain. My oldest son was 5 months old when it happened. My family taught me how to talk again and walk again.. now I have a PFO closure in my heart. Modern day medicine risked my life and saved it at the same time. I’m very blessed for that. When I was younger I loved helping my grandpa, planting and gardening with him. He taught me how to love Nature. How plants need you just as much as you need them. He taught me cherish everyday. June 6, 2019, Richard E. Watts passed, leaving a Legacy with me, that I am ow is sharing my sons.

“All plants have roots, you need to have a solid foundation to build strong roots. That’s how life works sweetheart.”

     -Richard E. Watts

I have always had a green thumb. I become a well-known Herbalist and specializes in making oils, salves, bath products, ciders, syrups, tinctures and other herbal medicine. I’m in recovery, so my tinctures are made of apple cider vinegar instead of alcohol. I attended Chestnuts School of Herbal Medicine and completed Aug 22, 2019. I will further my knowledge by attending the Chestnuts Immersion Program. We lost most of everything we had, do to a house fire October 5th 2019. With the Community at Chestnuts and people that want me to succeed, I’m back in business. I love working in my garden, and I enjoy being with my children. I use local organic herbs from my garden in my remedies Ventura County.

What started out as a hobby with family and friends, now become my passion and I’m delighted to share it with you. I’m proud to have produced years of happy customers and look forward to continuing my work for years to come! Love for Nature and Organic Herbal Remedies is what drives me, it is who I am and what I do. Every. Single. Day.

“I will not say I am a doctor, or diagnosis others. My grandpa left a legacy with others that he loved, as well as me. The knowledge of herbal medicine, He showed me how to be alive. How to be grounded. He taught me everything I know about plants. He showed me the world would be lost without them. That mother nature has a healing journey, and I’m blessed to share it with you on your journey. “

      -Cheyenne Brockway

Owner of Mystikal Green Goddess, Founder, Head Herbalist

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Hello, I’m a mommy to a prince and I’m pregnant again, and two body guards named Rocky&Bullwinkle!!

I’m a mommy to a toddler who’s 3. Who’s a pain!! Can I call my toddler an asshole? He’s not that bad, he is like every other toddler. Yell, kicks, bites, he does have a temper, but what child doesn’t. Ok, ok he’s not an asshole, he can be a pain. I’m 27. I cook, making dog treats, write, poems and I’m trying this blog thing. I love doing art, I guessing it runs in my blood. I’m the youngest of 4 brothers, and a younger sister. My dad remarried. And of course my mom. I have 2 serviced dogs who help me. I suffer bipolar disorder, from anxiety depression and headaches. I’m medically disabled because I had a stroke May 1, 2014. That’s a whole other story. I’m a survivor!!! Also I’m another survivor,  domestic violence survivor. I love plants, herbs and oils. Can I just says I have a green thumb. And I do practice green magick. For those who don’t know what green magick and a green witch are? It is a nature based earth oriented witchcraft. They usually practice a traditional from of witchcraft where the earth trees herbs plants flowers are used as medicinal and magick value. That’s in another blog.

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