Hello, I’m a mommy to a prince and I’m pregnant again, and two body guards named Rocky&Bullwinkle!!

I’m a mommy to a toddler who’s 3. Who’s a pain!! Can I call my toddler an asshole? He’s not that bad, he is like every other toddler. Yell, kicks, bites, he does have a temper, but what child doesn’t. Ok, ok he’s not an asshole, he can be a pain. I’m 27. I cook, making dog treats, write, poems and I’m trying this blog thing. I love doing art, I guessing it runs in my blood. I’m the youngest of 4 brothers, and a younger sister. My dad remarried. And of course my mom. I have 2 serviced dogs who help me. I suffer bipolar disorder, from anxiety depression and headaches. I’m medically disabled because I had a stroke May 1, 2014. That’s a whole other story. I’m a survivor!!! Also I’m another survivor,  domestic violence survivor. I love plants, herbs and oils. Can I just says I have a green thumb. And I do practice green magick. For those who don’t know what green magick and a green witch are? It is a nature based earth oriented witchcraft. They usually practice a traditional from of witchcraft where the earth trees herbs plants flowers are used as medicinal and magick value. That’s in another blog.